Chapter 1

Session 1:

The characters all meet in the ever famous, Mos Eisley cantina. They all responded to an advertisement looking for adventurers. "Meet in the Mos Eisley cantina and ask the bartender for a 'Hairy Womp Rat'. He will tell you what you need to do." Here, one by one they meet in an upper room in the cantina, waiting for those womp rats.
Bartender brings a data pad with message on it.
    -Meet me on Dagobah, coordinates: [encoded]
        Mission of the utmost importance

At that moment. The curtains that make up the walls of the room fall to reveal three grotesque gamorreans. In fear Eryk Skyff hides under the table as Mandrile ducks for cover to draw his blaster rifle. A gamorrean takes a whack at Emcawa only to narrowly miss and possibly only get a couple hairs. Wasting no time, Emcawa draws her vibroknife and thrusts it through the pigman's chest into it's heart. Mandrile takes a shot at the gamorrean now hovering over where Skyff once stood. Shooting to kill, the blaster fire finds its mark. Two down and one to go. Skyff, no longer afraid – possibly because of his allies' skill – rolls out from under the table and fires his pistol at the last forest green pig.  Unlike his comrades, Skyff fails to debilitate the gamorrean. Leaving to waste no time, Emcawa finishes it off with a swift vibroknife to the face.

    Slightly shaken, but relieved, they loot the bodies of credits and investigate a barely noticed black orb on the ceiling.

    "I am not a HOBBIT!!" Cried Eryk as Mandrile lifted him onto a chair. "It's just a black orb. Sorry."

The wookiee, unsatisfied by this answer, did as wookiees do… Mandrile punched it… Now considerably less shaken and slightly amused, the party leaves the carcasses and heads down to the main cantina for some information. 

    "No more of those hairy womp rats." He remarks gruffly. "That was my last one."

    "Could I get some root beer?" Skyff asks instead as the wookiee scours the room for loose change like a small child.

    "Sorry, we only sell to adults."

    After being pushed away by just about every patron in the place, Mandrile asks, "Where can we get a ship?"

    "I hear there's a guy in the market place selling spaceships, pretty nice one's too."

    With their newly found information the party goes to the bazaar to look for the merchant. "WHAT CAN I GET FOR YOU?! I've got nice shiny luxury yachts, I've got-"

    "We just want a transport," interrupts Mandrile.

    "Well I've got freighters, luxury cuisliners -"

     "Something that can carry a wookiee." This time it was Emcawa that did the interrupting.

     "I've got a nice luxury freighter just the right fit for ya. It's got cupholders – "

     "How much?" Mandrile interrupted yet again.

     "For you….. One million credits" The vendor said, visibly peeved.

      "You got anything less?" Skyff chimes in.

Chapter 1

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